File List

August 24, 2018


SpaceSniffer finds the largest files on your computer and is loaded with features to help you recover extra disc space! It's recommended that you run this program as an Administrator, but it's not required.

SpaceSniffer (v1.3.0.2, 2.3MB)

August 24, 2018


Notepad++ is a complete, universal, and highly-customizable text editor that includes support for a vast variety of programming syntax highlighting!

Notepad++ Portable (v7.5.8, 4.0MB)

Notepad++ Installer (v7.5.8, 4.3MB)

August 24, 2018


WinCDEmu let's you mount ISO files as if they're a real physical disc in your computer! It also let's you take a real disc and rip it onto your computer as an ISO file.

WinCDEmu (v4.1, 1.7MB)

August 22, 2018

7-Zip File Manager

7-Zip is an easy to use yet feature-filled program that allows you to open any type of archive including (but not limited to): zip, 7z, wim, rar, tar, gz, deb, etc.

7-Zip File Manager (64-Bit, 1.37MB)

7-Zip File Manager (32-Bit, 1.12MB)